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Abgent Areas of Focus

Autophagy(94 products)

The most
set of LC3

Stem Cell Markers(240 products)

Neurodegeneration(3162 products)


Crown Products(888 products)

Crown antibodies meet highly aggressive quality requirements.

New Products(789 products)

Our website is frequently updated to reflect new antibodies.

Antibodies (22761 products)

Browse through a listing of thousands of high quality, in-house developed antibodies.

Peptides (17896 products)

Browse through a listing of thousands of blocking peptides and research peptides.

Cell/Tissues/Lysates (5422 products)

A highly diverse collection of cells, tissues, and lysates for your convenience.

FL cDNA Clones (6177 products)

Sequence-verified, high-quality cDNA clones to meet your stringent research needs.