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Anti-Glucose Transporter 4 Antibody, clone 1F8

Mouse Anti-Rat Monoclonal Antibody

  • IF - Anti-Glucose Transporter 4 Antibody, clone 1F8  ABD11894
    HeLa cells stained with Mouse anti Glucose Transporter 4:FITC and counterstained with DAPI
  • WB - Anti-Glucose Transporter 4 Antibody, clone 1F8  ABD11894
    Published customer image:IMouse anti Rat glucose transporter-4 antibody, clone 1F8 used for the evaluation of GLUT-4 expression in myotube lysates by western blotting.Image caption:Effect of resveratrol on translocation of GLUT4 to plasma membrane and phosphorylation of AMPK and Akt. A: Translocation of GLUT4 to plasma membrane of L6 myotubes which were exposed to 100 µM resveratrol for 15 min. GLUT4 and plasma membrane were detected by western blotting analyses with anti-GLUT4 and anti-Na+/K+ ATPase antibodies. Post-PM and PM indicate post plasma membrane and plasma membrane fractions, respectively. B, C: Effect of resveratrol on phosphorylation of AMPK (B) and Akt (C). L6 myotubes were exposed to resveratrol (10 µM) for indicated time intervals. Western blotting analyses were carried out with anti-AMPK, anti-phospho-AMPK, anti-Akt and anti-phospho-Akt antibodies. D, E: Time-dependent changes of GLUT4 translocation in L6 myotubes at 10 μM (D) or 100 μM (E) resveratrol. L6 myotubes were exposed to resveratrol for indicated time intervals. Plasma membrane fractions of L6 myotubes were subjected to western blotting analyses.From: Minakawa M, Kawano A, Miura Y, Yagasaki K. Hypoglycemic effect of resveratrol in type 2 diabetic model db/db mice and its actions in cultured L6 myotubes and RIN-5F pancreatic β-cells. J Clin Biochem Nutr. 2011 May;48(3):237-44.
  • WB - Anti-Glucose Transporter 4 Antibody, clone 1F8  ABD11894
    3T3-L1 lysate probed with Mouse anti Rat GLUT4:HRP
Product Information
  • Applications Legend:
  • WB=Western Blot
  • IHC=Immunohistochemistry
  • IHC-P=Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin-embedded Sections)
  • IHC-F=Immunohistochemistry (Frozen Sections)
  • IF=Immunofluorescence
  • FC=Flow Cytopmetry
  • IC=Immunochemistry
  • ICC=Immunocytochemistry
  • IP=Immunoprecipitation
  • DB=Dot Blot
  • CHIP=Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
  • FA=Fluorescence Assay
  • IEM=Immunoelectronmicroscopy
  • EIA=Enzyme Immunoassay
Primary Accession P19357
Other Accession P14672, P14142
Reactivity Rat
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Isotype IgG1
Clone Names 1F8
Calculated MW 54896 Da
Additional Information
Other Species M,Pr,Rb,H,Pig
Purification Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein G from tissue culture supernatant.
Immunogen Partially purified vesicles containing insulin-responsive glucose transporter 4.
Shelf Life 18 months from the date of despatch.
Gene ID 25139
Other Names Solute carrier family 2, facilitated glucose transporter member 4, Glucose transporter type 4, insulin-responsive, GLUT-4, Slc2a4, Glut-4, Glut4
Target/Specificity Mouse anti-glucose transporter 4 antibody, clone 1F8 originally raised against rat intracellular low density microsomes (Jameset al.1987) recognizes an epitope in the cytoplasmic region of Glucose transporter 4 (GLUT4), an insulin-regulated facilitative glucose transporter found in adipose tissue and striated muscle. When stimulated by insulin, GLUT4 translocates from intracellular stores to the cell surface, facilitating passive diffusion of circulating glucose into muscle and fat cells. GLUT4 is also stimulated to locate to the cell surface by muscle contraction, particularly in cardiac muscle (Jameset al.1988).Mouse anti-glucose transporter 4 antibody, clone 1F8 has been used successfully to demonstrate the localization of GLUT4 to the basolateral side of ductal structures in the rat submandibular salivary gland in formalin fixed, paraffin embedded material (Cetiket al.2014).
Preservative & Stabilisers 0.09% Sodium Azide (NaN3)
Storage Store at +4℃ or at -20 ℃.
PrecautionsAnti-Glucose Transporter 4 Antibody, clone 1F8 is for research use only and not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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Vet J. 205 (3): 381-6.2. Berger, J. et al. (1989) Decreased expression of the insulin-responsive glucose transporter in diabetes and fasting.
Nature. 340 (6228): 70-2.

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