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NHERF1/ EBP50 Blocking Peptide

Product Information
Primary Accession Q9JJ19
Gene ID 59114
Additional Information
Application & Usage The peptide is used for blocking the antibody activity of NHERF1. It usually blocks the antibody activity completely in Western blot analysis by incubating the peptide with equal volume of antibody for 30-60 minutes at 37°C.
Other Names Na(+)/H(+) exchange regulatory cofactor NHE-RF1, NHERF-1, Ezrin-radixin-moesin-binding phosphoprotein 50, EBP50, Regulatory cofactor of Na(+)/H(+) exchanger, Sodium-hydrogen exchanger regulatory factor 1, Solute carrier family 9 isoform A3 regulatory factor 1, Slc9a3r1, Nherf, Nherf1
Target/Specificity NHERF1/ EBP50
Formulation 50 µg (0.5 mg/ml) in phosphate buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.2, containing 50% glycerol, 1% BSA and 0.02% thimerosal.
Reconstitution & Storage -20 °C
Background Descriptions
PrecautionsNHERF1/ EBP50 Blocking Peptide is for research use only and not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Protein Information
Name Slc9a3r1
Synonyms Nherf, Nherf1
Function Scaffold protein that connects plasma membrane proteins with members of the ezrin/moesin/radixin family and thereby helps to link them to the actin cytoskeleton and to regulate their surface expression. Necessary for recycling of internalized ADRB2. Was first known to play a role in the regulation of the activity and subcellular location of SLC9A3. Necessary for cAMP-mediated phosphorylation and inhibition of SLC9A3. Involved in sperm capacitation. May participate in the regulation of the chloride and bicarbonate homeostasis in spermatozoa. May enhance Wnt signaling. May participate in HTR4 targeting to microvilli (By similarity). Involved in the regulation of phosphate reabsorption in the renal proximal tubules (By similarity).
Cellular Location Cytoplasm. Apical cell membrane. Cell projection, filopodium Cell projection, ruffle. Cell projection, microvillus. Endomembrane system; Peripheral membrane protein. Note=Colocalizes with actin in microvilli-rich apical regions of the syncytiotrophoblast. Present in lipid rafts of T-cells Translocates from the cytoplasm to the apical cell membrane in a PODXL-dependent manner. Colocalizes with CFTR at the midpiece of sperm tail (By similarity). EMBL; AF154336; AAF73258.1; -; mRNA RefSeq; NP_067605.1; NM_021594.1 UniGene; Rn.35142; - ProteinModelPortal; Q9JJ19; - SMR; Q9JJ19; - BioGrid; 248735; 3 IntAct; Q9JJ19; 1 STRING; 10116.ENSRNOP00000004351; - iPTMnet; Q9JJ19; - PhosphoSitePlus; Q9JJ19; - SwissPalm; Q9JJ19; - PaxDb; Q9JJ19; - PRIDE; Q9JJ19; - Ensembl; ENSRNOT00000004351; ENSRNOP00000004351; ENSRNOG00000003232 GeneID; 59114; - KEGG; rno:59114; - CTD; 9368; - RGD; 708538; Slc9a3r1 eggNOG; ENOG410ITAB; Eukaryota eggNOG; ENOG4110SZZ; LUCA GeneTree; ENSGT00530000062999; - HOGENOM; HOG000089940; - HOVERGEN; HBG052616; - InParanoid; Q9JJ19; - KO; K13365; - OMA; LCAMKKG; - OrthoDB; EOG091G086H; - PhylomeDB; Q9JJ19; - TreeFam; TF350449; - PRO; PR:Q9JJ19; - Proteomes; UP000002494; Chromosome 10 Bgee; ENSRNOG00000003232; - Genevisible; Q9JJ19; RN GO; GO:0016324; C:apical plasma membrane; IDA:UniProtKB GO; GO:0031526; C:brush border membrane; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0005737; C:cytoplasm; IDA:UniProtKB GO; GO:0012505; C:endomembrane system; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell GO; GO:0030175; C:filopodium; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell GO; GO:0016020; C:membrane; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0045121; C:membrane raft; IDA:RGD GO; GO:0031528; C:microvillus membrane; IDA:UniProtKB GO; GO:0048471; C:perinuclear region of cytoplasm; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0001726; C:ruffle; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell GO; GO:0097225; C:sperm midpiece; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0032426; C:stereocilium tip; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0031698; F:beta-2 adrenergic receptor binding; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0008013; F:beta-catenin binding; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0017081; F:chloride channel regulator activity; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0050780; F:dopamine receptor binding; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0070851; F:growth factor receptor binding; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0045159; F:myosin II binding; IDA:RGD GO; GO:0030165; F:PDZ domain binding; IPI:RGD GO; GO:0019902; F:phosphatase binding; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0019904; F:protein domain specific binding; IPI:RGD GO; GO:0043621; F:protein self-association; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0044877; F:protein-containing complex binding; IPI:RGD GO; GO:0032947; F:protein-containing complex scaffold activity; IMP:RGD GO; GO:0030036; P:actin cytoskeleton organization; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0007191; P:adenylate cyclase-activating dopamine receptor signaling pathway; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0060088; P:auditory receptor cell stereocilium organization; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0032782; P:bile acid secretion; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0030643; P:cellular phosphate ion homeostasis; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0045198; P:establishment of epithelial cell apical/basal polarity; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0051683; P:establishment of Golgi localization; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0022612; P:gland morphogenesis; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0034635; P:glutathione transport; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0030033; P:microvillus assembly; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0090090; P:negative regulation of canonical Wnt signaling pathway; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0030336; P:negative regulation of cell migration; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:2000146; P:negative regulation of cell motility; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0008285; P:negative regulation of cell proliferation; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0070373; P:negative regulation of ERK1 and ERK2 cascade; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0045930; P:negative regulation of mitotic cell cycle; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0014067; P:negative regulation of phosphatidylinositol 3-kinase signaling; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0010642; P:negative regulation of platelet-derived growth factor receptor signaling pathway; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0051898; P:negative regulation of protein kinase B signaling; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0032416; P:negative regulation of sodium:proton antiporter activity; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0007097; P:nuclear migration; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0060158; P:phospholipase C-activating dopamine receptor signaling pathway; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:2001244; P:positive regulation of intrinsic apoptotic signaling pathway; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0072659; P:protein localization to plasma membrane; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0008360; P:regulation of cell shape; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0008361; P:regulation of cell size; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0044062; P:regulation of excretion; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0045859; P:regulation of protein kinase activity; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0070293; P:renal absorption; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0097291; P:renal phosphate ion absorption; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0003096; P:renal sodium ion transport; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0007605; P:sensory perception of sound; IEA:Ensembl GO; GO:0016055; P:Wnt signaling pathway; IEA:UniProtKB-KW InterPro; IPR015098; EBP50_C-term InterPro; IPR031199; NHERF-1 InterPro; IPR017300; NHERF-1/NHERF-2 InterPro; IPR001478; PDZ InterPro; IPR036034; PDZ_sf PANTHER; PTHR14191:SF7; PTHR14191:SF7; 1 Pfam; PF09007; EBP50_C; 1 Pfam; PF00595; PDZ; 2 PIRSF; PIRSF037866; EBP50; 1 ProDom; PD283022; EBP50_C-term; 1 SMART; SM00228; PDZ; 2 SUPFAM; SSF50156; SSF50156; 2 PROSITE; PS50106; PDZ; 2 1: Evidence at protein level; Acetylation; Cell membrane; Cell projection; Complete proteome; Cytoplasm; Membrane; Phosphoprotein; Reference proteome; Repeat; Wnt signaling pathway INIT_MET 1 1 Removed. {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:O14745} CHAIN 2 356 Na(+)/H(+) exchange regulatory cofactor NHE-RF1 /FTId=PRO_0000096802 DOMAIN 14 94 PDZ 1. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- ProRule:PRU00143} DOMAIN 151 231 PDZ 2. {ECO:0000255|PROSITE- ProRule:PRU00143} MOD_RES 2 2 N-acetylserine {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:O14745} MOD_RES 2 2 Phosphoserine MOD_RES 46 46 Phosphoserine {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:O14745} MOD_RES 266 266 Phosphoserine {ECO:0000250|UniProtKB:O14745} MOD_RES 277 277 Phosphoserine MOD_RES 287 287 Phosphoserine MOD_RES 288 288 Phosphoserine MOD_RES 290 290 Phosphothreonine MOD_RES 291 291 Phosphoserine MOD_RES 299 299 Phosphoserine SEQUENCE 356 AA; 38830 MW; C562AEF5870B8E08 CRC64; MSADAAAGEP LPRLCCLEKG PNGYGFHLHG EKGKVGQFIR LVEPGSPAEK SGLLAGDRLV EVNGENVEKE THQQVVSRIR AALNAVRLLV VDPETDEQLK KLGVPIREEL LRAQEKSEHT EPPAAADTKK AGDQNEAEKS HLERCELRPR LCTMKKGPNG YGFNLHSDKS KPGQFIRAVD PDSPAEASGL RAQDRIVEVN GVCMEGKQHG DVVSAIKAGG DEAKLLVVDK ETDEFFKKCR VTPSQEHLDG PLPEPFSNGE IQKENSREAL VEPASESPRP ALARSASSDT SEELNAQDSP KRHDSTEPSS TSSSSDPILD FNISLAVAKE RAHQKRSSKR APQMDWSKKN ELFSNL
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