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ELITE™ Custom Phage Display Antibody Services

Abgent offers robust custom phage display antibody production for biological research and drug discovery projects. The target gene is randomly mutated to produce a diverse library of scFv/Fab antibody fragments which are then displayed on the external surface of a filamentous phage [M13, fd, and f1 strains] as fusion proteins.

Using an iterative binding affinity-based screen called panning, a discrete number of phages that display antibodies specifically binding to the target of choice with an affinity of 10-8 to 10-9 are recovered from the phage library. Finally, the chosen antibody fragments displayed by the selected phages are identified by phage amplification, followed by DNA sequencing.


  Construction of phage display cDNA library
  Construction of a phage display library with 10-8 to 10-9 unique members
  Panning of the library clones by affinity chromatography
  Screening of phage display antibody libraryand amplification (4 rounds)unique members
  Expression and purification of selected high affinity scFv and Fab antibodies in bacterial cells

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The basic principle of in vitro antibody selection by phage display
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