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Anti-Bovine CD11b Antibody, clone CC126

Mouse Anti-Bovine Monoclonal Antibody

  • FC - Anti-Bovine CD11b Antibody, clone CC126  ABD11719
    Published customer image:Mouse anti Bovine CD11b antibody, clone CC126 used as a blocking antibody preventing Emeria bovis infection of bovine neutrophils.Image caption:CD11b surface expression and CD11b-dependent-NET formation of bovineE. bovissporozoite-exposed PMN. (A) Bovine PMN were exposed to CFSE-labeled sporozoites (1:1) and subjected to FACS analysis probing with an antibody directed against CD11b. Non-exposed PMN in plain medium served as negative controls. The histograms represent the shift in the mean fluorescence of the PMN population analyzed and are representative of the experiments performed. (B) NET formation in the presence of anti-CD11b antibodies. Bovine PMN were pre-treated with anti-CD11b prior to sporozoite exposure. Stimulation with zymosan served as a positive control; PMN in plain medium were used for negative controls.From: Muñoz-Caro et al. Eimeria bovis-triggered neutrophil extracellular trap formation is CD11b-, ERK 1/2-, p38 MAP kinase- and SOCE-dependent. Veterinary Research 2015 46:23
  • FC - Anti-Bovine CD11b Antibody, clone CC126  ABD11719
    Staining of bovine peripheral blood monocytes with Mouse anti Bovine CD11b: FITC
  • FC - Anti-Bovine CD11b Antibody, clone CC126  ABD11719
    Staining of bovine peripheral blood monocytes with Mouse anti Bovine CD11b followed by Goat anti Mouse IgG:FITC
  • FC - Anti-Bovine CD11b Antibody, clone CC126  ABD11719
    Published customer image:Mouse anti Bovine CD11b antibody, clone CC126 used for the detection of CD11b on ovine leukocytes by flow cytometryImage caption:Analysis of the phenotype of ovine NKp46+ populations. (A)Two-colour flow cytometry analysis of ovine PBMC co-stained with EC1.1 and a selection of monoclonal antibodies against CD2, CD4, CD8, CD11b, CD16, WC1, IgM and MHCII. WC1 and IgM are surface molecules expressed by subsets of ?d T-cells and B-cells respectively. (B) Perforin expression by NKp46+ PBMC. Cells expressing NKp46 were stained with anti-perforin monoclonal antibody (solid line) or an isotype control (broken line). (C) Two-colour flow cytometry analysis of mesenteric and pre-scapular lymph nodes and the spleen cell populations co-stained with EC1.1 and monoclonal antibodies against CD2 and CD8. The results shown are representative of the results obtained from a minimum of five animals.From: Connelley T, Storset AK, Pemberton A, MacHugh N, Brown J, Lund H, Morrison IW. NKp46 defines ovine cells that have characteristics corresponding to NK cells. Vet Res. 2011 Feb 23;42:37.
Product Information
  • Applications Legend:
  • WB=Western Blot
  • IHC=Immunohistochemistry
  • IHC-P=Immunohistochemistry (Paraffin-embedded Sections)
  • IHC-F=Immunohistochemistry (Frozen Sections)
  • IF=Immunofluorescence
  • FC=Flow Cytopmetry
  • IC=Immunochemistry
  • ICC=Immunocytochemistry
  • IP=Immunoprecipitation
  • DB=Dot Blot
  • CHIP=Chromatin Immunoprecipitation
  • FA=Fluorescence Assay
  • IEM=Immunoelectronmicroscopy
  • EIA=Enzyme Immunoassay
Reactivity Bovine
Host Mouse
Clonality Monoclonal
Isotype IgG2b
Clone Names CC126
Additional Information
Other Species Ga,Sh
Purification Purified IgG prepared by affinity chromatography on Protein G from tissue culture supernatant
Shelf Life 18 months from date of despatch.
Target/Specificity Mouse anti-Bovine CD11b antibody, clone CC126 recognizes the bovine CD11b cell surface antigen.
Preservative & Stabilisers 0.09% Sodium Azide
Storage Store at +4℃ or at -20 ℃.
PrecautionsAnti-Bovine CD11b Antibody, clone CC126 is for research use only and not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
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