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LRRC33 Antibody (C-term) Blocking peptide

Synthetic peptide

Product Information
Primary Accession Q86YC3
Other Accession NP_940967.1
Clone Names 100111067
Peptide ID 100111067
Additional Information
Other Names Negative regulator of reactive oxygen species, Leucine-rich repeat-containing protein 33, NRROS, LRRC33
Format Synthetic peptide was lyophilized with 100% acetonitrile and is supplied as a powder. Reconstitute with 0.1 ml DI water for a final concentration of 1 mg/ml.
StorageMaintain refrigerated at 2-8°C for up to 6 months. For long term storage store at -20°C.
PrecautionsThis product is for research use only. Not for use in diagnostic or therapeutic procedures.
Protein Information
Synonyms LRRC33
Function Negative regulator of reactive oxygen species (ROS) that limits ROS production by phagocytes during inflammatory response, thereby playing a role during host defense. Acts via direct interaction with CYBB/NOX2 monomer that impairs interaction between CYBB/NOX2 and CYBA/p22-phox and formation of a stable NOX2 complex (By similarity). May play a critical role in desensitizing TLR signaling through inhibition of Toll-like receptor-mediated NF-kappa-B activation and cytokine production.
Cellular Location Cell membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein Endoplasmic reticulum membrane; Single-pass type I membrane protein
Tissue Location Ubiquitous, with high level of expression found in bone marrow, thymus, liver, lung, intestine and spleen EMBL; AY358322; AAQ88688.1; -; mRNA EMBL; BC044233; AAH44233.1; -; mRNA CCDS; CCDS3319.1; - RefSeq; NP_940967.1; NM_198565.2 UniGene; Hs.702186; - ProteinModelPortal; Q86YC3; - BioGrid; 131978; 19 STRING; 9606.ENSP00000328625; - iPTMnet; Q86YC3; - PhosphoSitePlus; Q86YC3; - BioMuta; NRROS; - DMDM; 74762465; - EPD; Q86YC3; - MaxQB; Q86YC3; - PaxDb; Q86YC3; - PeptideAtlas; Q86YC3; - PRIDE; Q86YC3; - ProteomicsDB; 70396; - Ensembl; ENST00000328557; ENSP00000328625; ENSG00000174004 GeneID; 375387; - KEGG; hsa:375387; - UCSC; uc003fwv.4; human CTD; 375387; - DisGeNET; 375387; - EuPathDB; HostDB:ENSG00000174004.5; - GeneCards; NRROS; - HGNC; HGNC:24613; NRROS HPA; HPA031586; - MIM; 615322; gene neXtProt; NX_Q86YC3; - OpenTargets; ENSG00000174004; - PharmGKB; PA142671521; - eggNOG; KOG0619; Eukaryota eggNOG; COG4886; LUCA GeneTree; ENSGT00710000106753; - HOGENOM; HOG000113368; - HOVERGEN; HBG081928; - InParanoid; Q86YC3; - OMA; QNPYDCC; - OrthoDB; EOG091G03PI; - PhylomeDB; Q86YC3; - TreeFam; TF317167; - ChiTaRS; NRROS; human GenomeRNAi; 375387; - PRO; PR:Q86YC3; - Proteomes; UP000005640; Chromosome 3 Bgee; ENSG00000174004; - CleanEx; HS_LRRC33; - Genevisible; Q86YC3; HS GO; GO:0005783; C:endoplasmic reticulum; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0005789; C:endoplasmic reticulum membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell GO; GO:0016021; C:integral component of membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-KW GO; GO:0005886; C:plasma membrane; IEA:UniProtKB-SubCell GO; GO:0006955; P:immune response; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0006954; P:inflammatory response; ISS:UniProtKB GO; GO:0045087; P:innate immune response; IEA:UniProtKB-KW GO; GO:0006801; P:superoxide metabolic process; ISS:UniProtKB Gene3D;; -; 4 InterPro; IPR001611; Leu-rich_rpt InterPro; IPR003591; Leu-rich_rpt_typical-subtyp InterPro; IPR032675; LRR_dom_sf Pfam; PF00560; LRR_1; 1 Pfam; PF13516; LRR_6; 1 Pfam; PF13855; LRR_8; 3 SMART; SM00369; LRR_TYP; 12 PROSITE; PS51450; LRR; 18 1: Evidence at protein level; Cell membrane; Complete proteome; Endoplasmic reticulum; Glycoprotein; Immunity; Inflammatory response; Innate immunity; Leucine-rich repeat; Membrane; Reference proteome; Repeat; Signal; Transmembrane; Transmembrane helix SIGNAL 1 18 CHAIN 19 692 Negative regulator of reactive oxygen species /FTId=PRO_0000042660 TOPO_DOM 19 650 Extracellular. TRANSMEM 651 671 Helical. TOPO_DOM 672 692 Cytoplasmic. REPEAT 58 79 LRR 1 REPEAT 82 103 LRR 2 REPEAT 106 127 LRR 3 REPEAT 133 155 LRR 4 REPEAT 158 179 LRR 5 REPEAT 182 203 LRR 6 REPEAT 206 227 LRR 7 REPEAT 228 239 LRR 8 REPEAT 251 272 LRR 9 REPEAT 273 294 LRR 10 REPEAT 329 350 LRR 11 REPEAT 353 374 LRR 12 REPEAT 377 398 LRR 13 REPEAT 403 424 LRR 14 REPEAT 427 447 LRR 15 REPEAT 463 484 LRR 16 REPEAT 486 507 LRR 17 REPEAT 512 534 LRR 18 REPEAT 537 558 LRR 19 REPEAT 559 580 LRR 20 REPEAT 585 594 LRR 21 CARBOHYD 21 21 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 74 74 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 155 155 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 232 232 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 292 292 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 309 309 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 312 312 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 408 408 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 427 427 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 500 500 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine CARBOHYD 622 622 N-linked (GlcNAc...) asparagine SEQUENCE 692 AA; 76366 MW; 1574A06F405DDAA0 CRC64; MELLPLWLCL GFHFLTVGWR NRSGTATAAS QGVCKLVGGA ADCRGQSLAS VPSSLPPHAR MLTLDANPLK TLWNHSLQPY PLLESLSLHS CHLERISRGA FQEQGHLRSL VLGDNCLSEN YEETAAALHA LPGLRRLDLS GNALTEDMAA LMLQNLSSLR SVSLAGNTIM RLDDSVFEGL ERLRELDLQR NYIFEIEGGA FDGLAELRHL NLAFNNLPCI VDFGLTRLRV LNVSYNVLEW FLATGGEAAF ELETLDLSHN QLLFFPLLPQ YSKLRTLLLR DNNMGFYRDL YNTSSPREMV AQFLLVDGNV TNITTVSLWE EFSSSDLADL RFLDMSQNQF QYLPDGFLRK MPSLSHLNLH QNCLMTLHIR EHEPPGALTE LDLSHNQLSE LHLAPGLASC LGSLRLFNLS SNQLLGVPPG LFANARNITT LDMSHNQISL CPLPAASDRV GPPSCVDFRN MASLRSLSLE GCGLGALPDC PFQGTSLTYL DLSSNWGVLN GSLAPLQDVA PMLQVLSLRN MGLHSSFMAL DFSGFGNLRD LDLSGNCLTT FPRFGGSLAL ETLDLRRNSL TALPQKAVSE QLSRGLRTIY LSQNPYDCCG VDGWGALQHG QTVADWAMVT CNLSSKIIRV TELPGGVPRD CKWERLDLGL LYLVLILPSC LTLLVACTVI VLTFKKPLLQ VIKSRCHWSS VY
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Clark, H.F., et al. Genome Res. 13(10):2265-2270(2003)

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